A PRIDE group are set to host multiple events over the coming months to help raise funds and bring the LGBTQ+ community together in Clacton.

Clacton Pride, is a group of enthusiastic volunteers who aim to celebrate diversity and tolerance in our community by organising the first Clacton Pride event.

Volunteers set out to honour the history of the LGBT movement worldwide and follow in the steps of other pride organisations worldwide by celebrating all that makes us different and equal.

The group have big Pride event planned for the summer, but need to raise funds.

A spokesman for Clacton Pride, said: "Your contribution will mean that the Clacton LGBT + community will finally find a home and a voice.

"We have planned a fun event and we want to keep this year's Pride free for all, so we need to raise funds for venue hire, insurance, security, paying acts that will participate.

"To this end, we need to spend the next months fundraising, so we ask you contribute to our cause."

"We want the Pride community to feel valued and included in our community's life.

This is the first ever Clacton Pride, we are liasing with Outhouse East and Colchester Pride and other Prides in Essex too who have been very supportive and provide us guidance and advice.

"We aim to grow into the community, maybe establishing a LGBTQ community hub."

The first event to help fundraising will be a quiz night on Friday, March 6, taking place at the Railway Club, Clacton, Carnavon Road.

It will cost £3 per person, with a maximum size of six people per team.

Volunteers have also organised a karaoke and disco event for the end of March, and bingo/cake sale at the end of April.