So planning officers believe “the principle of development on this site has been established through the previous consent for a supermarket”.

I was at the council meeting when the request to build 53 houses at the former Martello Caravan Park site was brought up and a member of the public from Walton objected based on the fact that on at least two occasion heavy rainfall has caused the drains to overflow and produce raw sewage in Mill Lane.

Yet Tendring’s planning department can see no difference between 53 houses being connected into the sewers, as opposed to one supermarket?

There are already 216 houses being built here. We cannot possibly take another 53 without large improvements to the infrastructure.

There have been many reports produced regarding drainage and surface water for this site, including for the Aldi store which was very detailed and showed the high level of concern regarding building in this area.

This is becoming an ever-increasing issue for Walton and the Kirbys. Continuous building with no infrastructure improvements cannot go on.

Perhaps if planning had done their job and got a Local Plan in place that might help residents oppose unrestricted building. We have not had one since 2011, but don’t worry we might have one by next winter.

In the mean time council tax will rise, councillors’ expenses will rise and the quality of life for residents will continue to fall.

Graham Smith


Kirby Residents Association