A GROUP of school friends has raised £125 for those suffering from the Australian bush fires by putting on a bake sale.

Great Clacton Junior School pupils Lexi-May Oakes, Phoebe O’Leary, Hollie Nelson and Kieran Burrell held the fundraiser at their school on Tuesday.

Mum Stacy Andrew said she was proud of daughter Lexi-May and her friends.

She said: “They were really keen to do something to raise money for the devastation left by the recent bushfires in Australia.

“They organised a bake sale in the playground after school with the help of their families.

“They completely sold out of everything - and made £125 in just a few minutes for such a great cause.”

“We are extremely proud of them all.”

The money has been placed In a fundraising account with Halifax, which will also contribute towards the cause.