AN incensed homeowner has said a cluster of devastating potholes has “returned with a vengeance” within only a month of being fixed.

For the past 20 years, Mark Twin, 48, has lived in Seawick Road, St Osyth, which is part of the privately owned Bel Air Chalet Estate.

Since moving to the area back in 2000, the problematic road on which he lives is said to have been plagued with dangerous craters.

According to Mr Twin, the deep potholes, which can be up to five inches deep, also tend to fill up and overflow with dirty water following spells of heavy rainfall.

Last November, he raised his concerns with the Gazette and stated his elderly mum, who lives next door, was being “kept prisoner” in her own home.

He said on most days, she was too scared to go out through fear one of the potholes might cause her to sustain a serious injury.

Mr Twin also claimed takeaway restaurants were refusing to send their delivery drivers to properties along Seawick Road in order to not damage their cars.

After highlighting his concerns, Mr Twin says positive action had started to be taken by the site owner and the potholes quickly filled in.

But to his frustration, just weeks after the work had been finished, the persistent holes appeared once again.

Mr Twin said: “The potholes are back, and they have returned with a vengeance. The road is absolutely horrendous.

“I can’t even think of the words to explain how bad I think this is. It is the worse it has ever been.

“The work that was recently carried out has now made it even worse because none of the work they did has been done properly.

“I just don’t understand why health and safety are not involved.

“I am under the impression they are filling the holes with post mix, which is then breaking up and washing out almost immediately.

“Something needs to be done for the people in the small community of St Osyth who use this road.”

The owner of the Bel Air Chalet Estate was contacted for comment but had not responded at the time of going to press.