A DAD caught drunkenly wandering the streets carrying a meat cleaver has avoided jail.

Despite rarely drinking alcohol, Martin Lee had sunk nearly a full bottle of whiskey which had been gifted to him over Christmas.

Whilst messing around in his kitchen, Lee slipped, fell and cut his head.

He wanted to go outside to clear his head but his partner attempted to stop him because of his drunken state.

Lee, 39, managed to get outside after inexplicably grabbing the large knife.

He intimated he would try to drive his car but was stopped his girlfriend who called the police.

Officers then found him wandering up Frinton Road, Kirby, holding the weapon.

After several commands Lee agreed to throw the weapon on the floor.

He was taken to Colchester Hospital for treatment for his head injury and then arrested.

Lee admitted possession of a bladed article at Colchester Magistrates’ Court.

Kristina Smith, mitigating, said the father-of-five was the sole breadwinner in his house from his job as a warehouse operative.

“It was around the Christmas period and he doesn’t usually drink,” she said.

“He had been bought a bottle of Jack Daniels whiskey and initially was just having a couple of drinks.

“By the end of the night he had near enough finished the whole bottle.

“He was dancing in the kitchen and slipped and fell and wanted to leave the house to get fresh air.

“His partner didn’t want him to go because of his state.

“He has no explanation as to why he picked the knife up.

“He is remorseful.

“He never intended to drive. He wanted to get fresh air and sober up.”

Magistrates handed Lee, of Bemerton Gardens, Kirby, a 12 week prison sentence suspended for year saying they believed immediate custody would be too harsh a punishment for his dependants.

He must do 80 hours of unpaid work and pay £207 in court charges.

The knife will be destroyed.