A DISABLED couple who have difficulty walking said their lives have been ruined after both their mobility scooters were stolen.

Gary Otley, 53, and Sarah Jones, 49, who live together in a bungalow in Jaywick, took their dog for a walk on Wednesday evening, before returning to their home at about 6pm.

Before going to bed, the couple put their two disability scooters on charge, leaving them down the side of their property overnight.

The next day, Gary and Sarah went to go out at about 2pm, but when they went to ready their vehicles for the trip, they realised they had been stolen.

Sarah suffers from multiple sclerosis, so finds it nearly impossible to walk, while Gary has arthritis in both of his knees and also suffers with angina.

As a result of the theft, the pair now have no form of powered transport, so Gary is having to push Sarah around in a wheelchair.

Sarah said: “These people have taken our independence away and I have now got no freedom at all.

“I am stuck and I don’t like relying on Gary to push me around because he is also disabled, but he is doing the best he can possibly do for me.

“Our dog also has to suffer because we are not able to take him out for walks, so he is having to make-do with the side of the bungalow.

“I am totally disgusted with these people who can ruin our lives like this.”

Gary said he was in disbelief anyone would prey on people who have struggles with disabilities.

He said: “We were devastated. Sarah feels like she has had her legs taken away from her.

“We are just in total shock anyone could do this to anybody who is disabled and leave them housebound.”

In response to the ordeal, the wider community has rallied around the couple in a bid to help them retrieve the red and brown scooters.

Sarah says the positive reaction from residents in the area has given her a renewed sense of faith in humanity.

She said: “We have both had some lovely comments from people and I cannot thank the people of Jaywick enough for their support.

“I did not think there was any care out there anymore, but it is because of the Jaywick people that I love living here.”