MEMBERS at Frinton's Lawn Tennis Club rallied around to ensure its flood lights are back to full strength.

Club chairman James Max said that after a complicated technical investigation, a hunt for obscure lighting fixtures and a lot of hard work, the lights at the club's 'bubble' are fully working.

The bubble covers two of the hard tennis courts for six months a year, protecting plays and the court from the elements.

Mr Max announced to members that he would get the lights fixed when he took over as chairman 18 months ago.

He added: "You may think that changing a light bulb might be easy. Not when there's 450 volts running through the system, but 18 month's later and finally it's done.

"What started as a hunt for an unusual light bulb turned into a project to deal with a major legacy issue.

"Lighting posts had water streaming down the insides, rusting all the switch gear, fuse boxes had blown and wiring wasn't up to scratch.

"One stubborn light couldn't be fixed because the parts were no longer available."

Mr Max said the lights were finally fixed thanks to a generous benefactor and volunteers, including club member and electrician Richard Baldwin.

"Although delayed by Storm Brendan and a huge amount of rain and windy weather, a few calm days allowed us to get a cherry picker on site and for the works to be completed," he said.

"With three more light bulbs on order, finally the club's outdoor facility will be back to being one of the best in and outdoor hard court tennis surfaces in the county."

Mr Max said membership has risen by over 150 and the Walton Swifts walking football team has also joined the club, playing twice a week on the courts.

"Since the current board and committee took over, it has been a busy time," he added.

"Our branding and the changes we have made reflect how we'd like our club to thrive.

"It's a work in progress but with events taking off, membership on the up, improving facilities and exciting plans ahead, the club's future is beginning to look more secure."