I AM writing in reference to your article “Let us ride our horses on the beach in peace” (Gazette, January 9). Firstly I must say that we, the Frinton Residents’ Association, do not condone violent or aggressive behaviour of any kind and that horse riding on Frinton beach is legal.

However, horse access to the beach is restricted to the pathway at the western end of the Greensward and horses are not allowed anywhere else.

Unfortunately we have a great many instances of horses being ridden on the Greensward and riders using other pathways to access the beach.

When riders are reminded of the rules by our committee members, they are frequently met with aggressive and dismissive behaviour.

It is also the case that some riders don’t use common sense and ride horses on beaches where children are playing and families are picnicking, even when the tide is in.

Horse droppings on paths used by visitors in bare feet or sandals is another unpleasant result.

Just to balance this response, we also have many complaints in respect of dog walkers using the “dog free” beaches at banned times of the year.

All I can say is: Please just abide by the bye laws and use common sense, so that everyone can enjoy our great beaches and the Greensward.

Neil Churcher

Chairman, Frinton Residents’ Association