VOTERS will being going to the polls today to decide who will represent the Clacton constituency in the House of Commons.

The General Election was called in a bid to end the deadlock in Parliament over Brexit.

The candidates for the Clacton seat are Colin Bennett (Ind), Kevin Bonavia (Lab), Andy Morgan (Ind), Callum Robertson (Lib Dem), Just-John Sexton (Monster Raving Loony Party), Chris Southall (Green) and Giles Watling (Con).

The Brexit Party has decided not stand in Clacton and Ukip, which won the seat in 2014 and 2015, said it had no one available to stand.

Conservative candidate Giles Watling said a Tory majority is needed to get Brexit done.

He added: “I want to continue work to improve our security, health and infrastructure, not forgetting animal welfare which is close to my heart.

“In Parliament I have always voted to leave and that will not change if I’m re-elected. So by backing me, and Boris, you will be voting to get Brexit done and move on to a brighter future for us all.

“Essex Police are currently recruiting 218 more officers, with a further 20,000 promised nationally. I am proud that this initiative started here in our Sunshine Coast.

“On healthcare, whilst we have seen dramatic improvement at one surgery, there is more great news to come shortly for patients at the other three ACE GP surgeries.”

Labour candidate Kevin Bonavia, a solicitor and London borough councillor, said: “My own personal promise is to be a full-time MP for Clacton and I will work hard to earn people’s trust and respect regardless of party politics.

“The choice is between five more years of the Tories and a real change for the better with Labour. We need to move on from nearly ten years of the Tories’ brutal austerity that has left our NHS struggling and one in three of Clacton’s children living in poverty.

“Labour will end the Brexit chaos caused by the Tories and focus on people’s priorities - restoring our schools and hospitals, building genuinely affordable homes and tackling the climate emergency.”

Liberal Democrat candidate Callum Robertson said this election “is a Brexit election, whether we like it or not”.

He added: “It is being fought between those of us who wish to stand up for our place in Europe, and those who would see us crash out, hurting the most vulnerable in society.

“The Liberal Democrats are proud to be loudly standing in this election on an unambiguously pro-European platform.

“Our practical, sensible and independently accredited manifesto, endorsed by The Economist and the Institute for Fiscal Studies, will deliver a stronger economy and a fairer society. From green policies, to economic competency, our plan to make the UK work or you is a good one.

“However, underpinning the good economics, the spending pledges and the NHS funding, is a simple hard truth, we cannot do it without being a full member of the EU.”

Green candidate Chris Southall criticised Mr Watling for not attending a hustings event in Great Clacton on Friday.

Mr Southall said: “Unfortunately, this is happening across the country as Conservatives follow Boris Johnston’s lead.

“The Green Party punches above its weight as other parties worry about losing votes on environmental issues and the climate crisis.

“Greens will pressure government nationally and locally to turn their promises into action.

“The more votes Greens get the more influence we will have.

“The clock is ticking now on the climate crisis and coastal towns like Clacton face the damage predicted from sea level rise.

“Farmers here are facing a double hit from the weather chaos and lack of workers to harvest their crops and the NHS is suffering as the threat of Brexit stops the flow of doctors and nurses.”

Independent candidate Andy Morgan said: “I have been out and about in our towns and villages these last few weeks and it has reinforced my commitment to Clacton.

“I can assure you that if elected I will represent you all, addressing the issues that our diverse communities need and not what we are told we need by Westminster.

“As an independent I can do what is best for Clacton and not what is best for a party. Neither the Conservatives nor Labour have delivered locally or nationally and I ask you to give me the chance to prove I can.”

Independent candidate and Clacton taxi driver Colin Bennett said he makes no promises, but guarantees to work hard. He said: “I know Clacton and I’m proud of it as a resort, but we can do better. A vote for me would set a balance in Westminster, honest working class to off-set the old Etonian bubble.”

The Monster Raving Loony Party’s Just-John Sexton said he would be putting people before MPs’ pay.

He said: “It’s your vote, your choice, your democratic right, so don’t waste it. Why not poke a finger at parliament and vote for a loony!”

Polls open this morning at 7am and close at 10pm. Follow our live election blog tonight at