A COMMUNITY campaign group which has long been dedicated to protecting the rights of elderly residents across the district has decided to call time on its activism.

Tendring Pensioners’ Action Group, also known as TenPAG, was formed in 2002 by chairman Mike Le Cornu, 95, and the late Gordon Beare.

Designed to act as a platform from which to address and raise awareness of issues affecting the older generations, the campaigners amassed a loyal following.

During their 17-year tenure, TenPAG’s passionate and inspiring members relentlessly strove to enforce real change by way of peaceful protests, petitions and marches.

Impressively they lobbied in Parliament alongside the National Pensioners Convention and the NPC and fought to save the Clacton Minor Injuries Unit.

The closure of Clacton town centre’s public toilets also saw the activists battle it out with Tendring Council over concerns of an increase in social isolation.

Due to its ageing committee and members, however, the local organisation has decided to stop operating within in its current remit.

Mr Le Cornu said: “It is no longer possible for us to be physically active and run to meetings and arrange activities.

“This does not mean that I cannot carry on fighting to bring the issues that affect the elderly and vulnerable to attention of those in power – locally and nationally.”

The decision to no longer continue their efforts as TenPAG came earlier this month at the group’s general meeting, where a vote was taken to dissolve the group for good.

Mr Le Cornu, however, along with secretary Sheila Hammond, have taken it upon themselves to launch a new initiative called the Tendring Pensioners Forum.

As members of NPC, both Mr Le Cornu and Ms Hammond will also continue to publicise the charities campaigns and action days.

Ms Hammond has assured the public and the vulnerable they will not stop fighting for them and their rights.

She said: “I am so sad to see TenPAG closing, but I feel that we have made a real difference over the years.

“Until I joined, I did not realise how many issues that affect the elderly are ignored.

“Mike and I are determined not to let all the hard work that TenPAG has done be wasted.

“We will continue to raise awareness by attending consultations and writing to MPs and councillors.

“We will continue to fight for the pensioners of today and the pensioners of tomorrow.”

To find out more about the Tendring Pensioners Forum visit facebook.com/tendringpensionersforum.