A DISABLED pensioner from Clacton who “can hardly walk” says he isn’t being allowed to park outside his property despite his physical struggles.

David Miller, 83, lives in a mobile home in The Spinney site at Sacketts Grove Residential Park, Jaywick Lane, which is owned by Tingdene Parks.

In the past Mr Miller, who has a blue badge, has suffered a heart attack, had operations on his left knee, and also says his right leg is starting to give way.

He has been a resident on the site for 21-years, but due to planning permission he isn’t permitted to park his car directly outside his property.

Instead, Mr Miller, who uses a crutch, says he has to walk just under 300 metres from the facility’s car park, which is starting to take its toll.

The complex is divided into a number of sites and in some areas parking outside properties is allowed.

Mr Miller said: "I am disabled, can hardly walk and now I am struggling - I am in agony.

“But no one seems to be bothered. There are other disabled people where I live who are just putting up with it.

“It is blood terrible and absolutely ridiculous – it is not like there is a lack of room or it’s a danger and I am not trying to be awkward.”

Mr Miller says he has complained to Tingdene Parks several times and has also raised the issue with Tendring Council, who have said he can file a planning application.

If an application was accepted, the legal barrier would be removed, but the decision to allow Mr Miller to park on the site would still be at the discretion of Tingdene Parks.

He has also contacted disability charity Scope, who have told Mr Miller that under The Equality Act 2010, Tingdene has a “duty to make reasonable adjustments for disabled people.”

He said: “I am in the middle and this is just going back and forth while they blame each other.

“No one seems to want to know and such a simple thing has become so complicated – it is a stupid rule and they could just say ‘yes.’

“I am not going to give up and at my age leaving the site and moving elsewhere isn’t an option.

“Tingdene Parks should be doing something because it is their duty to look after me.”

In a letter sent to Mr Miller from Tingdene Parks’ administration manager Louise Boyle, which has been seen by the Gazette, the company acknowledges the struggles he is facing and has apologised.

But they also reiterate, according to them, that there is nothing they can do.

It reads: “We do understand and sympathise with your physical disability and the subsequent difficulties you are experiencing as a result.

“Our planning permission states that parking is not permitted on The Spinney under the site licence conditions.

“Tingdene therefore are unable to provide permission for cars to be parked in contravention of our planning permission.

“We apologise we are unable to offer a more positive answer."