DISTRAUGHT parents feared their son would be made homeless after his disability payments were halted say the assessment process is "appalling".

Kevin and Wendy Howard's son Shaun has global development delay and is unable to read or write and struggles to socialise.

The 29-year-old struggles to cope with everyday tasks and lives in sheltered housing in Clacton.

His financial affairs are looked after by Essex Guardians who help people who do not have mental capacity to handle their own money.

Shaun was called in by the Department of Work and Pensions for a Personal Independence Payment assessment last month.

But on Thursday he was told by Essex Guardians his payments had been stopped.

His parents said Shaun did not received a letter and has been left distressed by the revelation.

Dad Kevin, a former care worker, said: "He didn't leave home until he was about 23 years old and me and my wife cared for him. "Shaun can't read or write and he can't tell the time.

"He isn't going to be able to do anything different from the last 29 years."

Kevin said Shaun had been moved to housing in Clacton to keep him safe.

He said: "When he lived in Colchester he was coerced by the wrong people who would get him to go and steal things.

"Essex Guardians look after his money. He can't look after his money himself as he doesn't understand how money works.

"If you said 'give me £50' he would."

But after the Gazette intervened the DWP said it had reviewed Shaun's case and he would continue to receive his payments.

A DWP spokesman said: "We've apologised to Mr Howard and, following a review of his case, he will now receive PIP payments."

But Kevin said he was worried what would happen to other people who did not have family members to stand up for them.

"Shaun's condition is not something which is going to improve," he said.

"I was a care worker myself and I recognise people's needs.

"I think it is absolutely appalling.

"We are not going to sit idle, it is an injustice. After 29 years they say he is suddenly able to work."