I WISH to bring to attention a potential danger to road users in the Clacton area.

While I welcome the new industry, opportunity and employment the Brook Estate development brings to Clacton, I fear that one of our most notorious roads for serious accidents, the A133, will sadly claim a pedestrian victim at the roundabout that separates Brook Park West from Brook Park East.

That’s going from Tesco’s and B&Q and others on one side to Lidl, McDonald’s and Smugglers Cove on the other. It is obvious that users of the Brook Estate will want to cross from west to east and vice versa.

Those in motor vehicles can safely cross the busy A133 at the roundabout where both the north and south bound traffic on the A133 can legally approach at speed on 60 mph roads.

If you are a pedestrian there is a pathway along the brook that runs from the rear of Tesco’s petrol station to McDonald’s new restaurant however it is difficult to find (not sign posted), unlit and the underpass floods after heavy rain.

The most obvious and visible place to cross is the roundabout.

There are no pavements on the two approaches nor is there any signs warning of the fast moving traffic from both directions.

I have crossed here and watched others do so, it is dangerous and I know we are taking a risk.

It would be great if the response to this letter from the relevant authorities is there are already plans in place to introduce a controlled crossing, a bridge, lowering the 60mph speed limit, or some other means of crossing safely, however I fear we may have to wait for a serious pedestrian accident to initiate a safe crossing solution.

Steve Gray