Every so often we are reminded of the depths of depravity of human beings but when such an individual is exposed in our community it achieves special significance.

The news in the Gazette of the release from prison of someone convicted of a hate crime who is unrepentant makes chilling reading.

She was imprisoned for celebrating the massacre of 50 people aged between three and 77 years of age while they were at prayer.

Innocent children, women and older people were murdered in cold blood by a white supremacist, someone full of hate, ignorance and prejudice.

She is quoted as saying that ‘the majority of people who are sane have the same views’, I plead insanity in this case.

Thankfully a local police officer Sam Harris initiated an investigation which led to her conviction.

Essex Police and the rest of the decent folk who live in Tendring should be proud of this officer and all those others combatting hate crimes which have doubled in the past few years in England and Wales, reaching 103,000 last year.

Steven Walker

Sunny Point, Walton