I VISITED the new Post Office in Pier Avenue, where I was confronted with a handwritten sign stating: “Due to staff sickness, this post office will close at 5pm.”

A quick visual observation identified that the main counter services staff positions were empty and a sole female employee was operating at the monies kiosk, behind a secure screen, facing a lengthy queue.

The cavalry was nowhere in sight, however, fortunately, her mother had been on hand to provide her daughter with some sustenance in the form of a sandwich and a welcomed coffee, the latter had taken its toll and a toilet break was imminent.

Even though staffing levels were at an ultimate minimum, this young person, exuded a cheerful and down to earth disposition, displaying at all times a professional, calm and patient manner towards each customer’s personal transaction and requirements.

Hopefully, this public commitment will filter through to her bosses.

As for me, and the other customers, she would be worthy of an unsung hero award. Thank you.

Tom Gunning,

Arnold Road, Clacton