BULGING biceps and grimacing facial expressions will be on display in abundance next year when locals put their strength to the test during a town centre competition.

Clacton’s Strongest, coming to the area next April, is an intense strongman and woman contest, which is the first of its kind for the town.

Inspired by the popular television show World’s Strongest Man, the testing event will feature similar tests such as the traditional car deadlift and heavy log press.

Clacton’s muscular hopefuls will also have to tackle the infamous farmers walk, seeing them travel a certain distance while lifting weights of more than 280kgs.

Each different class and category will be comprised of a maximum of six athletes and entrants will

The gruelling battle will be hosted by Rebel Strength, which organises events all over the country, and refereed by famous World’s Strong Man competitor, Rob Frampton.

Programmed in conjunction with Clacton Town Partnership, competitors will even be provided with the professional equipment used in the official televised versions of the contest.

A spokesman for Rebel Strength said: "This event will be the first of its kind for Clacton.

“Many people enjoy watching World's Strongest Man on the television over Christmas each year and now it is their chance to come and watch some strongmen in real life.

“I hope the competition will encourage locals from the gyms in the area to enter and give them a challenge for 2020."

In addition to competing for personal pride, the event will act as a qualifying round for the Britain’s Strongest Novice final, which is due to be held in September.

Pier ward councillor, Paul Honeywood, was pleased to hear that Rebel Strength had chosen to host part of its nationwide competition in Clacton and believes the uniqueness of the event will help increase the town's financial income.

Mr Honeywood: "It is good to hear of the plans to stage this rather unique event which will attract both locals and visitors into our town centre and help boost our local economy."

Clacton’s Strongest will take place on Christmas Tree Island in Pier Avenue between 10am-5pm on April 25 2020.

Gym-goers looking to take part can still sign-up and are required to pay a fee of £35.

To find out more visit Facebook.com/rebelstrengthessex.