Putting the real Brexit vote on the ballot paper and money where my mouth is.

My name is Andy Morgan; I was a prospective parliamentary candidate for the Brexit Party and was campaigning for the people of Clacton who voted 73 per cent to leave the EU.

The Brexit Party then decided not to stand in any Conservative held seats and this meant there would not have been a true Brexit candidate here in Clacton.

I am an ex-military man who cares passionately about Clacton.

My family has lived in the town for four generations and we need to stand up for the democracy that our forefathers fought and died to defend.

I was not happy that the Conservative candidate would be elected unchallenged because this is not democracy.

I want to make a difference for our community by addressing local issues, the issues that matter to this community, not the issues the party says are the best vote winners, and that is why it is better to vote for an independent candidate.

Also I am against MPs getting paid massive salaries when the people they represent are paid so much less and to show my commitment further I will if elected be donating half of my annual MP’s salary to Clacton charities working with local projects.

Nationally I want us to leave the EU with a clean break Brexit and regain full control of our laws, borders, fishing waters, trade deals and stop sending vast sums of money to Brussels.

By voting for me you will not split the vote and allow Labour in, as could be possible in other areas, so I am giving another option for a vote that will count.

It’s time for a true Clacton MP who will put the people of the constituency first.

Andy Morgan

Independent candidate in Clacton constituency