STROKE patients at Colchester Hospital are getting timely access to specialist treatment, data has shown.

The Sentinel Stroke National Audit Programme data assesses the treatment and outcome for patients at hospitals across the UK who suffer a stroke.

Colchester Hospital was handed an “A” rating for April to June this year, which means they achieved “the highest standards for almost all patients”.

The audit looks at a range of factors including how quickly patients are given a brain scan, whether they are rapidly transferred to a dedicated stroke unit and how many patients receive clot-busting thrombolysis treatment. Colchester scored top marks for providing fast access to specialist assessments and physiotherapy.

Dr Sajid Alam, an stroke consultant for the trust, said: “It is great news for our patients that we are able to provide high quality, fast and effective care which gives them the best possible chance of making a good recovery.

“However, we cannot be complacent, and will continue to look for ways to enhance the service trying to provide access to services like thrombectomy for even better outcomes for patients.”