I AM afraid Stephen Dixon (Standard Letters, November 1, “They said so much would not happen”) has misread the situation regarding conscription in the Baltic states and Sweden, and therefore, leaps to a spurious conclusion regarding the potential for it to be reintroduced in this country.

Latvia abolished compulsory military service in 2007.

Lithuania abolished it in 2005, but reintroduced it in 2015, with the Lithuanian parliament voting in favour of the decision, citing the growing threat from the Russian Federation as the reason. Similarly, Sweden, which had conscription from 1901 to 2010, reintroduced the practice in 2017.

Again, it was the Swedish parliament that voted in favour, motivated by concern over Russian aggression, in particular against Ukraine.

The reintroduction of conscription in the countries cited by Mr Dixon had nothing to do with the European Union and everything to do with the resurgence of a dangerous and belligerent neighbour in the east.

Something which, in more sensible times, ought to make us want to stick as close as possible to our allies.

Michael Coultharde-Steer

Colchester Road, Lawford