A MOTHER whose baby son had to undergo surgery weeks after being born has published a photo book to document his journey and raise awareness.

Katherine Carol Lee, 30, of Village Close, Kirby Cross, gave birth to baby Max last June at Colchester Hospital via an emergency Caesarean section.

But just a few hours after being born, Max started to turn blue while his dad, Tim, 31, was dressing him.

He was rushed to a special care facility where he was intubated and ventilated before being transported to Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridgeshire the following day.

Three weeks later the youngster, who is now 16 months old, had to have a tracheostomy, creating an opening in his windpipe, as a result of having vocal cord paralysis.

Earlier this year things got even worse when Max’s airway collapsed, which meant he had to undergo reconstruction surgery.

Mrs Lee said: “I felt completely overwhelmed and angry this was happening to Max, as he was only three weeks old.

“We had also been through so much during pregnancy as well.”

Inspired by her son’s brave battle against his medical problems, Mrs Lee decided to document her son’s journey from diagnosis to recovery.

She started taking photographs for a book called Trach Life: A Book which has proved to be a cathartic way for her and her husband to better cope with the situation.

Mrs Lee is also hoping it will raise awareness of the condition and highlight what some newborn babies have to endure so soon after coming into the world.

Any additional donations which are pledged in buying the book will also be given to Addenbrooke’s Hospital.

Mrs Lee said: “It has kind of helped in a way for me to concentrate on a long-term project. In a way I guess it was therapy.

“I want to raise awareness for these kids who are going through a hard time and to let their families know they are not alone.

“Addenbrooke’s was vital and all the specialist nurses who helped us train how to be with Max were fantastic.”

To buy a copy of Trach Life: A Book visit crowdfunder.co.uk/trach-life-book.

To find out more about Max’s journey visit facebook.com/trachlife.