FIREFIGHTERS have hit out at inconsiderate motorists after bad parking delayed crews from reaching a blaze.

Two crews from Clacton were called to a fire at Funland Amusements in Seaview Road, Seawick, St Osyth, shortly after 2.05pm on Thursday.

They were called to reports of a fire in a roof void of commercial premises.

But Essex County Fire and Rescue Service said it was delayed from getting to the scene due to an inconsiderately parked lorry.

When they got there, firefighters immediately began to cut away parts of the roof, which measured approximately 90 metres by 40 metres, to allow them to reach the seat of the fire. It was extinguished by 3.09pm.

The firefighters then used thermal imaging cameras to ensure there were no further hotspots within the premises.

Jim Bowyer, watch manager at Clacton Fire Station, said access to the scene had been blocked and he urged drivers to be more considerate when parking.

He said: “It is always incredibly frustrating when we can’t respond to fires as quickly as we should because our path is blocked by a badly parked vehicle. This narrow road was made even tighter after a heavy goods vehicle was parked inconsiderately.

“I would urge all drivers to stop and think when parking their cars: Could a fire engine easily get through?

“If the answer is ‘no’, then you should park somewhere else.

“Fortunately, in this particular incident, the fire had not spread as much as it easily could have and our crews restricted the damage.”

The fire was caused accidentally during construction work.

Ward councillor John White said: “The blocking of roads is something the parish council has been worried about for some time.

“Some roads on chalet estates are narrow and are not really suitable for emergency services or even refuse collection vehicles.

“Funland is well established and there is a cinder track for parking opposite, so there is no excuse for blocking the road.

“Residents on the Bel Air Chalet Estate, further down the road, are worried about what could happen during an emergency if the road is blocked.

“As most of the narrow roads are privately owned, Essex County Council will not be interested, so we can only appeal to people to park considerately in case of an emergency.”