Quite rightly, the sea defences and recent embankment work at Holland should be applauded.

So too should the photographer who managed to capture Tendring officials on the new access ramp without showing the piles of sand at the bottom which must make life very difficult for those people with limited mobility.

Certainly, using a mobility buggy along the lower prom over the last few months must have been almost impossible.

Some clearance of drifted sand has taken place further towards the Haven but, generally, where the sand blows onto and piles up in certain areas, even walking for able-bodied folk can prove tricky.

The new ramps are splendid but if I were less mobile and had made it all the way to the bottom, some 200 yard walk on the showpiece ramp near Kings Avenue, only to find I couldn’t negotiate a sand barrier, I could be excused for thinking it was a practical joke in very poor taste.

Please, Tendring Council, encourage your seafront workers to maintain access walkways on a regular basis instead of waiting until the only option is to use an industrial digger.

These are lovely areas for people to use and Tendring Council should be proud of its investments and show them off.

Would it be too much to ask for some lighting too?

The proms at night are a great place to walk, but with no lighting at all in many areas, it is no surprise that very few people use this priceless resource. Many other coastal towns make these areas usable and safe 24 hours a day.

C Edwards