THE owner of a coffee shop in Clacton is celebrating a successful first year in the business.

Cup of Coffee is a long running café in Rosemary Road but changed hands last year when it was taken over by Scott Neilson, who kept on the same employees.

Over the past twelve months, the family friendly shop has continued to enjoy success, while making small changes to the overall look of the shop and the menus.

Certain coffee recipes have been updated using artisan beans, and herbal teas and smoothies have also been added to the menu.

The food options on offer now include butternut squash and fresh salads.

Mr Neilson said: “In the last year we have made subtle changes to the shop, as our main priority was our regular customers.

“We have updated the décor to make it brighter and more welcoming.

“We have also upgraded our drinks menu and, while maintaining the food menu, we have added a few extras to attract a wider clientele.

“Our shop is a great base for all of the local community to come and relax.”