A CONCERNED resident in Clacton is pleading with the council to remove a burnt-out car before it injures children who pass it on their way to school.

Mr Jackson, of Knox Road, says a silver Vauxhall Zafira has been left abandoned for five weeks and is posing a serious risk to young people who live on the street.

The neglected eyesore, which has had its windscreen smashed and is now missing a wheel, is positioned directly adjacent to a cut through used by school students on their way to White Hall Academy.

Mr Jackson says he and other residents who live on the road have reported it to the council and the emergency services, but nothing is being done.

He said: “Quite a few people have reported it, but it isn’t being removed.

“It is right near a school and has been left there for five weeks - it is starting to aggravate people.

“We are all worried because someone could get injured and kids are playing near it - it just isn’t very safe.

“Perhaps something will be done when it actually does fall on a little kid.”

Tendring Council says it is looking into the situation.

A spokesman said: “We have recently been made aware of this vehicle, and officers are carrying out investigations.

“We will take appropriate action based upon the outcome of these investigations.”