A YOB with previous convictions for violence has been jailed after ripping another drinker’s earring out during a pub scrap.

Jack Mcinally was in the Queens Head in Old Road, Clacton, when an altercation began between one of his friends and someone else in the bar.

The landlord told Mcinally’s group they would be ejected if they did not calm down but they continued to be disruptive.

After another row and being told to leave again, Mcinally grabbed hold of the landlord and both men fell down the the floor.

Fearing that Mcinally and his pal were going to kick the landlord while he lay prone on the floor, a friend of the publican stepped in and pushed the men out the way.

Mcinally threw a punch at the man who had come to help which caught him on the left side of the face

It ripped out the gold hooped earring he had been wearing.

He then picked up a flower pot and threw it at a glass window causing the glass to smash.

Mcinally, 21, of Alexandra Road, Clacton, admitted criminal damage and assault when he appeared at Colchester Magistrates’ Court.

James O’Toole, mitigating, said Mcinally regretted what he had done on the evening of August 29.

He said: “He has asked me to apologise on his behalf to the victim in this case for his actions that day.

“He had been out with friends and had no intention of doing anyone any harm.

“It was the first time he had been out in a month and he had not drunk alcohol for a similar period of time.

“He felt initially his

friend was being unfairly treated.

“But now he deeply regrets what happened and understands his actions were completely wrong.”

Mr O’Toole said Mcinally is a father-to-be and wanted to move back to his hometown of Nottingham where he had been been offered a job at a window company.

He said: “He is trying to disassociate himself with people he has been hanging around with who are perhaps not good for him.”

Magistrates heard Mcinally has previous convictions for assault where he kicked someone laying on the ground and an alcohol-related affray.

They decided to jail him for eight weeks.

Linda Mackenzie, chairman of the bench, said: “The offences were of a similar nature and in similar situations to previously.

“You completed rehabilitation days and a Thinking Skills programme but continue to commit offences.

“These offences cross the custody threshold and for the protection of the public and for punishment we are sending you to prison.”

Mcinally must also pay

£150 in compensation to the man he punched and £50

to the pub to replace the window he broke when he is released.