A FRINTON stalwart and former vicar who was “devoted” to his family and regularly contributed anecdotal words of wisdom to his local Gazette has sadly passed away.

Anthony Rees died last month on August 13 at the age of 84 following an unfortunate bout of ill health but will be long remembered for being an integral part of the community.

Anthony, also known as Tony by many, was born on January 23, 1935, and grew up in South Wales near Llanelli.

While studying at Oxford University and attending the Christian Union, he swapped his nominal faith for a personal one and in 1960 became a curate at St John’s Parkstone in Dorset.

Following several years in India, Anthony eventually became a fully-fledged vicar himself when he took over at St. Luke’s Church in Hampstead, London.

He was then appointed as a tutor and Chaplin at Oak Hill Theological College in North London before the Christ Church in Barnet acquired his vast experiences and knowledge as a vicar.

After living a fulfilling life, Antony eventually retired to Frinton in 2000, but despite hanging up his clerical collar, he continued to spread kindness and generosity throughout the seaside town.

His frequent speaking appearances at many churches and events, for example, saw him become a well-known and familiar face amongst locals and he also helped to facilitate a group for the area’s retired clergy.

He would also write an uplifting ‘Thought for the Week’ for the Frinton Gazette most Thursday’s, which many of our readers would look forward to when picking up their paper.

Anthony’s son John said: “My dad has loved doing ‘Thought for the Week’ for the Gazette and was very well known and respected in the town.

“He had a great love of sport, including playing golf, watching cricket and rugby.

“He was also devoted to his family.”

Anthony is survived by his wife, four children and nine grandchildren.

A thanksgiving service will be held for Anthony Rees this afternoon at St Mary’s Parish Church, Frinton-On-Sea from 3pm.