The Gazette editorial (September 5, “Could plan help our town thrive”) waxed lyrical about the forthcoming millions of pounds from the Government to help restore Clacton town centre.

Good news for all, if it is spent wisely, but I am not sure that applies to the mentioned provision of wi-fi and 5G.

As I see it, this may bring in more cyber geeks peering into their screens, adding nothing to the ambience of the town centre or the prosperity of the local businesses.

On the contrary they would probably be ordering more shopping from Amazon or eBay!

Let’s get real and convert the large Marks & Spencer building into an exciting hub, with comfortable seating in the centre, surrounded by useful traders (not swag shops) along with Citizens Advice, tourist information and maybe one of the new up-and-coming banks.

Anyone who has visited the best motorway service areas will have an idea of what I suggest.

Dennis Starr

Walden Way, Frinton