A JAYWICK care home’s themed and nostalgic initiative has finally pulled into the station for its elderly passengers.

Corner Lodge, a specialist facility for those living with dementia, has remarkably transformed a rarely used quiet room into a stunning, vintage train carriage.

The old-fashioned-looking space is kitted out with traditional luggage racks decorated with retro suitcases, frilly curtains, and booths featuring soft red seats and tables - a nod to the bygone era of steam engines.

Painted in a very regal colour combination of red with gold trimmings, the Corner Lodge Express also includes two large flat screen televisions positioned where carriage windows would be.

The screens play real footage of journeys passing through both the English countryside and countries such as Paris, giving residents the very realistic experience of gazing out the window as the world goes by.

Nostalgia rooms such as this one are said to improve the quality of life for dementia patients as they encourage the elderly residents to relive happy memories.

Corner Lodge’s regional manager said: “It is so important for residents to have stimulation and relive past memories as well as prompting them into conversation.”

Most of the materials used to realise the care home’s vision were donated from B&Q and Sweet Tina’s in Jaywick.

The family of a late train enthusiast and former resident at Corner Lodge also contributed towards the building of the carriage by donating £1,000 to the award-winning home.