AN award-winning theatre group mesmerised and educated a near-sold out audience with a modern, psychedelic and neon-splashed retelling of one of the Bible’s gospels.

The Princes Youth Theatre performed a highly energetic interpretation of the critically acclaimed rock musical and Broadway hit, Godspell, in Clacton on Saturday night.

Directed by Melissa Wenn and colourfully staged within the spacious and historic Princes Theatre, the religion-centric show uniquely reimagined the thought-provoking tales of the Gospel of Matthew.

Leading displays from Joe Zuccala, who confidently embodied the role of Jesus, and Lola Garlick, who smashed some remarkably high notes as John The Baptist, only enhanced the narrative, as choreographed routines ensured the pace never dropped.

The production’s large cast also featured 29 young actors and actresses from a German theatre group, who had been learning the same script in their hometown of Biberach.

The vibrant show, and its soaring and melodic songs, concluded with the damming Last Supper and haunting crucifixion, before a waterfall of confetti exploded into the applauding crowd.