AN elderly lady is urging the council to improve the safety of a newly built seafront ramp after suffering a devastating fall and completely shattering her wrist.

Jene Williams, 72, of Ambleside Court, Clacton, regularly embarks on leisurely strolls along the town’s promenade with her husband Terry, 75.

But during a walk in Holland-on-Sea last month, the injured OAP slipped and fell while using a recently completed walkway which connects King’s Parade to the beach below.

Unable to lift herself off of the tarmacked path and in excruciating pain, “a very strong gentleman” eventually managed to help Jene to her feet before a family from a nearby beach hut took time to care for her.

Mrs Williams said: “My husband and I always walk down the seafront and have never had a problem before, but the tarmac on the new ramp is too smooth and it is quite slippery.

“I fell and completely shattered and crunched my wrist – I could see that it was all crooked and it was extremely painful.

“The man and family that helped me I honestly can’t thank enough.”

Jene’s husband Terry took her to Clacton Hospital, which then sent the couple to Colchester General Hospital due to the severity of her injury.

Her broken bones were pulled and pushed into place and put in a cast and corrective surgery may be required to fully repair her wrist.

She has now called on Tendring Council to consider installing signs to advise walkers of the unpredictable surface or improve the grip on the path.

Mrs Williams said: “It is a hazard and more warning signs need to be put up or it needs to have more grip because it is so easy to fall over.

“If not, it will only be a matter of time before another serious accident happens.”

A spokesman for Tendring District Council said: “The works on a multi-million pound project to protect the cliffs along the Holland-on-Sea seafront were completed in August, which, will not only protect the seafront, and homes and businesses behind the cliffs for years to come, but also see improved accessibility to the beaches.

“It is never easy to hear that an accident such as this has happened, but we can assure residents that the surface laid is an AC 6mm standard surface course which conforms with regulations.

“Our engineers have been to inspect the surface and believe that this is an isolated incident. It has been constructed to a high standard with safety handrail."