RESIDENTS have called on the council to consider rolling out more bins during big events after some bins were left “choking with rubbish” following the Clacton Airshow.

Several bins along the seafront heading towards Jaywick are said to have been spotted overflowing with waste, with used babies’ nappies, dog faeces and empty beer bottles all spilling out onto the streets.

Given the Clacton Airshow attracted more than 250,000 tourists across the two days, and the recent influx in visiting holidaymakers over the sunny Bank Holiday weekend, some locals have highlighted the need for more places to dispose waste.

Brenda Horwood, 77, from Jaywick, said: “It is a lovely seafront down there and it is just not right that it can be left in this state – it isn’t very environmentally friendly.

“I went down there last night and there was just rubbish everywhere, but it isn’t the punters’ fault; it is the council’s for putting hardly any bins down there for them to use.

“I saw a lady down the seafront picking up rubbish and putting it in bags but that shouldn’t be her job.

“When the weather is nice you are going to get more people down here, so why not put extra bins out over the weekend?”

Another Jaywick homeowner, 76, who doesn’t wish to be named, noted the stench that the brimming bins were giving off as a particular problem.

The angered residents also questioned why more staff were not deployed across the busy weekend to keep onto of the sheer volume of waste.

He said: “It is a disgrace - they don’t even bother to empty them, and nothing seems to be done about it.

“You thought they would have had extra staff on over the Airshow and Bank Holiday weekend – it stinks and it absolutely disgusting – it is stacked so high.”


Cllr Michael Talbot, Tendring District Council Cabinet Member for Environment, said the council worked hard to keep town centres and beaches clean and tidy – but the public needed to play their part too.

“Over the Clacton Airshow – our contractors collected between 50-60 tonnes of rubbish from beaches and town centres,” Cllr Talbot said.

“This is from emptying bins and litter sweeps carried out each evening and morning, with crews out until midnight on Thursday and 9.30pm to make sure we cleared-up after a busy Clacton Airshow.

“Due to crowd numbers it was not possible for refuse vehicles to access the lower promenade, so our contractors went above and beyond the call of duty and worked after the night flights and into the early hours of Friday morning to clear up after the first day of the event.

“Our contractors employ additional seasonal staff to cope with the influx of visitors we have to the area, while we deploy an extra 150 bins during the summer season to help cope with demand. Over the bank holiday weekend our contractors collected 80 tonnes of rubbish.

“We also support a number of community litter picks, with black bags and pickers and collecting the rubbish from them afterwards.

“However, people also need to take responsibility for their own rubbish – a full bin is no excuse. If a bin is full, then keep hold of your rubbish until the next one or take it home with you. If you do use a bin, crush your waste so we can fit as much into a bin as possible.”