A FUNDRAISING chicken connoisseur will tackle a gruelling and feet-blistering trek next month, with the hope of donating thousands of pounds to charity.

Resolute rambler Molly Garlick, 24, of Hayes Road, Clacton, is preparing to take on a monumental walking challenge alongside her three work colleagues, Damo Gray, Jitka Trejnarova and Gus Cole, who all work in Afro-Portuguese restaurant Nando’s.

The daunting uphill battle will see Molly, who attended Clacton County High School, and her team of willing walkers embark on a 100km trek across the South Downs in less than 30 hours.

They are hoping to raise a total of £5,000 which will be split between two life-changing organisations - Oxfam and the Ghurka Welfare Trust.

The former strives to combat poverty around the world, while the latter provides a wealth of support to veteran Nepalese soldiers - who have been part of the British Army for more than 200 years - and their families.

Assistant manager Miss Garlick said: “Both charities are really important to a lot of people and it feels good to be giving back to organisations that do so much to help others.

“Oxfam, for example, do amazing work to help those living in poverty and they really do save lives every day.

“The Ghurka Welfare Trust is a fantastic charity as well because, not only do the Ghurkas themselves continue to serve this country in many different ways, and have done for years, the veterans and their families now need support.”

The testing and pain-inducing trail walk will set off from the Queen Elizabeth Country Park in Hampshire during the early hours of the morning, before leading the inspiring quartet through the stunning South Downs hills and varying inclines.

After hours of slowly chipping away at the 62-mile route and more than a day without sleep, the novice explorers will eventually conclude their expedition at Brighton Racecourse.

Miss Garlick said: ‘‘None of us have ever really done anything like this before and, although we have been going for regular walks together, I am still slightly nervous about how it is going to go.

“It is going to be a really tough challenge and it will definitely test all four of us, both mentally and physically.

‘’But I’m sure when we are feeling tired and our bodies are aching, if we take a moment to remember the reasons why we are doing this, then that will help get us all through it.’’

The self-dubbed Tollgate Trekies will start their walk on September 21.

To donate visit justgiving.com/fundraising/tollgatetrekies.