NIGEL Farage does not expect to stand as the Brexit Party’s candidate for Clacton, the Gazette can reveal.

Mr Farage told Brexit Party supporters in Colchester on Monday that the party was prepared to step aside and support Boris Johnson, but only if he committed to delivering a “clean-break Brexit”.

Hundreds of the party’s supporters gathered at the Jobserve Community Stadium for the launch event of its Brexit Party Conference Tour.

The party has now approved 625 of its parliamentary candidates across the country, but Mr Farage said he may be willing to do a pact with Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Conservative Party.

Speaking to the Gazette after the conference, Mr Farage said: “It really depends on what events are. We are living through the most unpredictable times in British politics.

“I have made it clear if they go for a clean Brexit, we will support them. It will depend what the polling is saying and if Boris thinks he cannot win without us, then he will talk to us.

“If he sticks to his idea at the moment of rehashing Theresa May’s deal without the backstop - we will be his worst enemies.”

One of the constituencies where the party has not yet announced its candidate is Clacton, which was represented by former Ukip’s MP Douglas Carswell until 2017.

Mr Farage said there were a “few people” who wanted to take on the challenge, but effectively ruled himself out of running against the town’s Conservative MP Giles Watling.

“I do not think it will be me,” said Mr Farage.

“It is a big leave majority in Clacton with a remain MP. There are a few people who want the Clacton constituency.”

Mr Watling, who gained a majority of 15,828 at the election in 2017, said he welcomed any challenge from Mr Farage for the Clacton seat if there is a General Election.

He said: “My record in the constituency, speaks for itself - I’m proud that my campaign led to 27 more police on our streets in Tendring and many more across the country.

“We’ve also had an investment of £400million in the Clacton constituency and I’ve taken action to improve our troubled surgeries.

“But if Nigel wants to mount his challenge here, he’s most welcome - I look forward to meeting any challenger.

“The people voted for leave and leave we must. I have voted for Brexit at every opportunity.

“What we mustn’t do is have any more delay - the uncertainty is killing our business and crippling the pound.

“We just want closure so we can get on with running the country properly.”

Mr Watling has also launched a survey on his website asking residents about their views on the Brexit outcome they would prefer.

He added: “My position is that the best way to leave is with a good deal, whilst being prepared to walk away with no deal if acceptable terms cannot be secured.”