TEN new social workers have started on child protection teams in Essex.

The Frontline programme, a social work training programme, has started working with local authorities across England.

Of the 393 participants, the south east has welcomed 49 trainees to support the most vulnerable children and families in the region.

Ten social workers have started in child protection teams in Essex.

On Monday participants started their first day in child protection teams across five local authority partners, after attending a five-week summer institute where they were taught by leading academics and experts.

This is the fourth year the charity has partnered with local authorities to offer placements to participants.

Josh MacAlister, Frontline’s chief executive, said: "Children and families often on the fringes of society rely on social workers to stand alongside them during their most difficult moments.

"We need more outstanding individuals joining the profession to support vulnerable children and families up and down the country.

"Social work has the power to change lives and we’re looking forward to developing more social workers across the south east to help give every child a safe and stable home."