AN elderly couple have been left shaken after a burglar posing as a handyman entered their home and brazenly swiped cash.

Bryan Douglas, 78, of Holland Park, Clacton, was putting his bins out on Monday morning when he was approached by a man who offered to repair his driveway.

Despite insisting he would first need to speak with his son, who owns the bungalow, Mr Douglas was pressured into going inside the house to speak to his wife Vicky, 74.

The man, who was wearing an oversized green top and had a garden trowel, followed Mr Douglas into the house.

Although suspicious of the man, Mrs Douglas went to her bedroom to get £80 in case they decided to take up his offer.

But when Mr Douglas turned his back to get their two Labradors inside, the crook rushed through the conservatory and confronted Mrs Douglas outside the couple’s bedroom.

He then swiped the cash from her hand as the terrified pensioner watched on, unable to fight back.

Mr Douglas said: “I feel so terrible and I feel responsible because I got him involved with my wife, which is a bad thing to do, and normally I would be so careful, but he caught us wrong-footed.

“He was an opportunist for sure because he was very much against me getting my son involved and he gave off the impression that he was some type of builder.”

The man has been described as white, 5ft 9ins tall and in his fifties. He was also sporting wavy dark hair and facial stubble at the time of the incident and had an unkempt appearance.

Mrs Douglas said: “I was shocked because I was there on my own with this man and I feel stupid that I let him come in here without a fight.”

Det Sgt Hollie Hughes, from Clacton CID, said: “We are asking if people could please check any CCTV or doorbell camera footage of the area to try and help locate this man.

“The homeowners were left feeling quite shaken by the event as someone entered their home without permission to do so, and they are being looked after by officers.”

Police are appealing for witnesses or anyone with information to call Clacton CID on 101, and quoting crime reference 42/140713/19, or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

Police advise residents not to let cold callers into their homes without seeing and verifying identification, and to call 999 if they are suspicious.