A PUBLIC transport fanatic from Walton has raised hundreds of pounds for a cancer charity after completing a lengthy 600-mile journey using only local buses.

Ian Perryman, 67, recently embarked on a five-day road trip to the Isle of Skye after setting off from his home in Walton in a bid to generate vital funds for Cancer Research.

The solo traveller used 26 buses from nine different companies in total to accomplish his voyage and spent more than 12 hours on the road, passing through Northampton, Wakefield, Windermere and Dumbarton.

Ian, who is a proud bus pass owner and frequently uses public transport to get around, eventually wrapped up his excursion to Scotland in the tiny village of Kilmuir, which is located in the Northern shoreline of the Isle of Skye.

Ian said: “It wasn’t straight forward by any means, but the worst thing that happened was actually on the final day when I was so close to the end of the route.

“While on the last bus, a tree fell into the road leading to where we were heading and so there was a long delay before we could get moving again.

“It was ironic to have come all that way and then end up having to wait for hours to complete the journey, despite being so close to the end.”

The unique fundraising trip, entitled Sea to Skye by Ian himself, has so far garnered nearly £500 worth of donations for Cancer Research.

Along the way, Ian stopped off at various B&Bs and hotels and while staying at one of the overnight stop-offs he ended up meeting the very type of person that he was travelling for.

Ian said: “Everyone knows someone with cancer and my mother also actually battled it.

“During the trip I also met a lady who has terminal cancer herself and from speaking with her it only further confirmed my reasoning for doing the journey.

“I am now hoping to write a book about my experience.”

Ian is still fundraising, and you can donate via: fundraise.cancerresearchuk.org/page/ians-giving-page-327.