AN outraged farm owner has branded flytippers “ignorant” after several discoveries of dumped rubbish on a rural track.

Allison Bond, of St Clere’s Hall Lane, St Osyth, runs a farm at Top Barns just off of Beach Road, as well as the nearby Watershed Studio.

During harvest season, Allison leaves the gate at the start of the track unlocked so heavy goods vehicles such as tractors and straw trailers can take a shortcut to Warren Farm and Wigboro Wick Farm.

The accessible route means drivers can prevent traffic congestion in the village as they do not have to keep getting in and out of their farm vehicles.

But rubbish-dumping yobs are now taking advantage of the track’s lack of security by frequently using it as a place to empty everything from empty shoe boxes to broken granite slabs.

Allison said: “I feel outraged and violated. It is absolutely ridiculous.

“If some person feels that it is OK to contaminate what was a nice piece of rural land then they are ignorant.”

She added: “This will sadly continue to happen and it is only going to get worse – it is so depressing and a losing battle.”

The unwelcome drop-offs come just months after it was revealed that more than 900 cases of fly-tipping in Tendring had been reported in the past year.

The year before, Tendring Council was criticised following a concerning spike in flytipping that resulted in more than 2,000 reports of illegal dumping.

But only when the mess is dropped on public land will the council intervene.

Michael Talbot, independent councillor for the St Osyth ward said: “Flytipping is a filthy, selfish action that has the support of nobody except the perpetrator.

“The responsibility for clearing it, even if it contains

hazardous waste, falls on the landowner.

“I am sure most flytippers don’t realise how serious the matter is.”