Residents are devastated at Tendring Council planning committee’s decision to go ahead with the 280 homes at a site in Thorpe Road, Weeley.

There was absolutely no justification for it as the planning officers admitted they already have nearly 11,000 homes planned for Tendring over the next 10 years.

Weeley has had well over 150 new homes built in the last two years, so for people to say we are being nimby, etc, is ridiculous.

Our very real concerns that this development is in the wrong place have been ignored.

Weeley residents made a strong case against this land being included in the local draft plan – this decision means that our very real concerns will never be heard by a Government Inspector.

What was the urgency to get this development through, when new houses in the area are not selling?

The large development site doubles the size of the village, making us a small town.

Residents live here because of Weeley’s rural nature which will now change forever.

A very large and unwanted railway footpath bridge in an environmentally sensitive area, which leads onto private land and only goes to the church.

The footpaths across this particular site are some of the most scenic in the area, and their loss will be mourned by residents and ramblers.

Weeley is the pinch point of the Tendring peninsula, both rail and car transport are a nightmare already, good luck to all those travelling from Walton, Frinton, Kirby and Thorpe in the future.

One of the planning committee said he was there to serve the council, shouldn’t that be the rate-payers?

Are all villages across England to be enlarged so that they will just be a passing memory?

Will agricultural land continue to be built on so that we can no longer feed ourselves?

No good having somewhere to live if you can’t feed yourself!

Angela Barnes