Stepping Out, Frinton Summer Theatre. Until Saturday.

TAP dancing may be the central focus of Stepping Out - the final production of this year’s Frinton Summer Theatre season - but it isn’t what I will remember it for.

Sure, the choreography is excellent and when called upon this talented cast put on a dazzling display of footwork.

But the real joy here is seeing some truly wonderful comic writing brought to life.

The dialogue fizzes and snaps with witty exchanges and self-depreciating humour.

The jokes are plentiful and the banter is cutting - so very ably delivered by every actor on stage.

It is extremely difficult to single out one performance, but it is a good indicator of success if the audience hoots with laughter - as they did throughout.

There is real pathos here too. This is a play which deals with some heavy issues and again the cast shines in these moments.

What an outstanding way to end this year’s season. Richard Harris, who wrote the 1984 play which ran on the West End and Broadway, was in attendance for the opening night.

I am certain he will have been delighted with what he saw on stage.

The play focuses on eight members of a weekly tap dancing class - held in a village hall. Despite their differing backgrounds, the seven women and one man use the class as a release from the difficulties they face in their everyday lives.

Huge credit must go to director Amanda Root for orchestrating this hilarious and touching production.