THE latest sea tragedy comes almost one year to the day after 15-year-old Ben Quartermaine drowned in the waters near Clacton Pier.

Ben’s mum Vicky Gentry campaigned to bring sea safety lessons to thousands of children.

Malika Shamas, 14, from Luton, died on Thursday. Her brother Haider Shamas, 18, died in hospital on Saturday.

“It is heartbreaking to see another child has lost their life,” she said.

“We need signs on all of the beaches, not just the blue flag ones which is how it is now.

“Rather than having the beach patrol at one location, we should have them along the beach - possibly on raised seats so they can see a lot further.

“It wouldn’t be practical for every beach but evenly spread along the coast between the pier and the Martello Tower would be a good idea.

“I also think sea safety should be part of the national curriculum for all years, in all schools, not just the schools along the coast.”

Ben’s body was found last July 28.