Black Chiffon is at Frinton Summer Theatre until Saturday. Call 01255 676656 for tickets.

FRINTON’S Summer Theatre goers were in for a night of suspense and family tensions for the opening night of Black Chiffon.

The psychological drama set in a post-war era kept the audience on the edge of their seats waiting to discover the outcome of a woman’s crime.

The show stars Nicholas Murchie, who has featured in the BBC’s Great Train Robbery mini series, as a doctor unravelling a mother’s mind following a crime.

The mother is wonderfully played by Abigail Cruttenden, alongside Eva Feiler, Jack Staddon, Ian Kelly and Yvonne Newman. Jemima Watling was captivating as Louise, a role her own grandmother Patricia played on Broadway in 1950.

Credit goes to the director and designers for a stunning set and costume creations that transported the audience into a bygone age.