I WISH to respond to Colin Rossini’s letter in the Gazette, dated July 25.

At a recent meeting of Frinton and Walton Town Council, I finally forced an admission out of Councillor Mark Platt that he is working with a community group to try to take over the running of Walton Library.

This is opposed by 90per cent of the residents of Walton and is opposed by both Tendring Council and Frinton and Walton Town Council, both councils having unanimously voted to oppose any reduction in library services provided by Essex County Council.

The Essex County Council proposals for the future of Essex library services show that any local community group which takes over the running of a local library is, however well intentioned, jeopardising the future of that library and is almost certainly ensuring that the highly-skilled and dedicated library staff will lose their positions.

It is essential that everyone’s efforts remain focussed on preventing the implementation of Essex County Council’s proposals and I am urging Councillor Platt to respect the wishes of the residents of Walton and to desist from continuing with a personal agenda that will have a major negative impact on our community.

We all like to believe we are right but, on this occasion, it is vital for the future of Walton Library that Councillor Platt listens to others and understands why he is getting this wrong.

To this end, Mike Buitekant, chairman of the Save Walton Library committee, and I, as the local district and town councillor, would be happy to arrange a meeting so that Councillor Platt can explain his actions to residents and then listen to their views and hopefully take notice of them.

Delyth Miles

Councillor, Walton Ward