VOLUNTEER lifeboat crews were called to the aid of a family after a yacht ran aground off Clacton.

Clacton RNLI respond to a mayday call the yacht, which was on the South West Sunk sand bank, ten miles south east of Clacton Pier.

The crew’s Atlantic class inshore lifeboat was launched on Sunday at 8.25am after being tasked by the Coastguard to locate the stricken vessel.

The wind farm support vessel Windcat 18 was also standing by to give assistance after it also responded to the yacht’s mayday.

Just as the lifeboat arrived on scene the 34ft yacht managed to refloat and get free of the sand bank.

After checking on the welfare of the man, woman, and child aboard the yacht, and its condition, the occupants were happy to make their own way back to West Mersea unaccompanied.

Helmsman Danny Thatcher said: “Not every job is high drama, we are often only needed for reassurance after a mishap, for which we are always happy to oblige.

“This service highlights one of the biggest dangers in our area for water craft.”ich was towed ashore and secured."