A RISING star in boxing will be the one to watch next season as he continues to improve.

Clacton’s Kilian Hardy is at the top of his game after winning gold at the Haringey Multi Nations Box Cup, at London’s opulent Alexandra Palace.

The 19-year-old began boxing after taking inspiration from his dad to keep fit and thought boxing was the best way to do so.

“When you go to boxing, it’s either love or hate in my opinion and you get hooked on it which I did,” said the former Clacton County High School student.

He started to train at 16, attending Harwich Boxing Club, which is known as one of the best in Essex.

Hardy (pictured) picked up the win in his first-ever fight at the Harwich Park Pavillion after a third-round stoppage.

Clacton and Frinton Gazette: UNDEFEATED SEASON: Kilian's overall record after his undefeated season, fighting people around the globe.UNDEFEATED SEASON: Kilian's overall record after his undefeated season, fighting people around the globe.

Things looked good as he won the best boxer of the show award for that fight.

In his first fight out of England, he experienced his first loss in the Netherlands, against an Armenian opponent.

Motivated to improve, he didn’t let his first loss get the better of him.

“After your first loss it makes you train a lot harder,” he said.

“I had another fight when I got back to England, which I won by getting fitter and coming forward in the fight non-stop.”

Gaining more experience, Hardy aimed to focus more on technique rather than coming straight at people in the ring.

He ended his first season with a record of three wins and two losses.

He has won his last seven fights, including winning a rotary belt and winning gold in the Haringey Box Cup - a multi-national European competition.

Hardy has high hopes for his career.

“I want to win the National Development Championships next year and, long- term, my goal is to turn pro with MTK Global,” he said.