A GARDEN centre hopes to reunite a wedding ring and chain with its rightful owner.

The gold ring and chain were found last month at the Garden Furniture UK department at St Johns Plant Centre in Clacton.

Holly O’Toole, from Garden Furniture UK, said she believed the ring could have belonged to a customer who’s husband had passed away.

“We would love to find the owner of the wedding ring, which has a date inside,” she said.

“We think a lady was possibly wearing this around her neck as the wedding ring looks too big to be a woman’s.

“We would hate to think she has lost her husband and now his wedding ring.

“There is a date inside the ring, which possibly is a wedding day date.”

Holly hopes to reunite the ring with the owner, if they know the date on the inside of the ring.

I am sure they must be devastated that they have lost a valuable and personal item,” she added.

If you believe the ring is yours call St Johns Plant Centre, of St John’s Road, Clacton, on 01255 470888.