WE along with many other dog owners are grossly offended by the sign that has just gone up at the new garden at the Spinney adjacent to Frinton Station.

As council tax payers we have all paid for this garden. However, Frinton and Walton Town Council has arbitrarily decided to impose a dog ban.

The garden is a logical and hopefully pleasant place (once the stunted looking trees eventually grow) to meet people off the train, wait while people visit the surgery, or even just stop and relax while out and about, yet the town council have arbitrarily decided (with no consultation) to impose this blanket ban.

I would ask, what are the reasons for this? Where is the evidence that dogs have been causing a nuisance,? If such a nuisance has occurred, what other steps have been taken - my strong opinion is that this is just councillors arbitrarily exercising their own personal prejudices - shame on you.

I would also ask, what legislation they have used, what powers do they really have to impose this on law abiding citizens.

Put simply what problem are they solving or as I strongly suspect are they just imposing their views on us because they can.

David and Sheridan Evans

Cortoncroft Close, Frinton