MORE than 300 people gathered in Clacton to mark 75 years since the D-Day landings.

The service, at Clacton’s seafront War Memorial, was organised by the Clacton Royal British Legion and supported by Tendring Council

It was led by Reverend David Lower and as well as numerous members of the public, there were also Royal British Legion standards and military veterans in attendance.

D-Day, on June 6 1944, saw Allied troops begin a large-scale invasion of France to take back Western Europe from Nazi German control.

Council chairman Dan Land said he was pleased with how many people turned up to the event.

“While acknowledging the role of other theatres of war, the D-Day landings and the Battle of Normandy really signalled ‘the beginning of the end’ of the Second World War in Europe,” he said.

“By marking the 75th anniversary of that historic day, we are in many ways recognising and thanking everyone who sacrificed so much – for many people, their lives – for the freedoms that we enjoy today which are only possible because of Allied victory in that conflict.

“I am touched by how many people gathered to pay their respects today.”

Dan Casey, President of the Clacton Royal British Legion, said it is important we continue to remember those who gave up their lives in service of our country.

“While the service today was held in bright, warm sunshine close to our homes, we must never forget those who 75 years ago were enduring relatively grim conditions and facing death in a foreign land in order to liberate Western Europe from Nazi control,” he added.

“I am pleased at the turnout.”