STRESSED pupils undergoing exams were given a motivational boost when the school dog was allowed to sit with them.

Youngsters at Great Clacton Junior School joined children from across the country in sitting their SATS exams.

But they enjoyed some unique encouragement when the school dog - a lurcher named Chloe - was allowed to sit in on the tests.

Staff member Fiona Kennedy said: “Chloe’s main role is to provide comfort and distraction to those children who find school difficult.

“This year, for the first time we allowed Chloe to sit with some of these children during their SATS exams and it proved a huge success

“She sat calmly in the school hall with a group and behaved impeccably throughout all the tests.

“She was a great source of comfort and emotional support to them all.”

She added: “Since becoming part of the school more than a year ago, Chloe has helped benefit the children both educationally and emotionally, as well as increasing their understanding of responsibility and developing empathy and nurturing skills.

“She is loved by everyone - pupils and staff alike.”