VOLUNTEER lifeboat crews responded to a Mayday call after a yacht’s mast snapped nine miles off Clacton.

Clacton RNLI’s Atlantic class lifeboat was launched to the aid of the vessel which was near the Barrow No. 4 Buoy, south east of Clacton Pier, on May 28 at about 8.10am.

Once on scene, a crew member was placed aboard the vessel to assist the occupants, a man and a woman in their 20s, in hauling the rigging and jib back aboard.

The rigging ended up hanging in the water after the mast broke and got caught around the keel.

A spokesman for the crew added: “As the female sailor started to feel unwell after being sat broadside to the waves too long, they were transferred to the lifeboat before a tow was commenced.

“On reaching the Wallet Spitway her condition had deteriorated to such a degree that it was decided to break off the tow so the lifeboat could make best safe speed back to the boathouse, where she could be properly attended too.

She made a quick recovery.