A FORMER prison for witches widely reported to be Britain’s most haunted house is up for sale once again.

Vanessa Mitchell, who has owned The Cage, in St Osyth, since 2004, has frequently reported ghostly goings on.

She moved out of the house in 2008 to live elsewhere in the village, with paranormal investigators making regular visits.

Since then Vanessa has repeatedly tried to sell the property, and has placed it on the market for the third time with an asking price of £260,000.

In a listing, Frinton-based estate agent Home Domus said: “The Cage is one of the most notorious and well-documented haunted 16th Century cottages in Britain.

“It was once a medieval prison where 13 witches were held pre-trial, subsequently resulting in three hangings.

“Subject of a Channel 4 docudrama, paranormal experts have visited from all over the world and there is a book entitled Spirits of the Cage about the events experienced by the current owner.

“The living accommodation comprises three reception rooms, kitchen, ground floor cloakroom, plus two bedrooms and a bathroom on the split level first floor.”

The earliest part of the cottage - known as The Cage - was used to hold prisoners accused of witchcraft.

A plaque on the side of the house describes the plight of Ursula Kemp, a St Osyth woman called upon by her neighbours to heal ailments and sickness.

She was accused, tried and found guilty of witchcraft, and was hanged in 1582. Men, women and children were detained in the cage until 1908.

Outside of the house, a small walled courtyard leads to Coffin Alley - a passageway running alongside the property where the bodies of the dead were carried en route to the cemetery.

Vanessa says she fled the house after she was physically attacked by spirits.

She claims she was plagued by ghostly figures, pushed over while pregnant and witnessed mysterious blood splatters appear.

Vanessa even alleges she was spanked on the bottom by a demonic entity.

But the agent claims the spirits, including a satanic-looking goat, have now been vanquished.

“The house has now been cleared of the many evil residents encountered over the years,” it added.

“It is still haunted, but there seems to be a certain newly found harmony within.

“It is time for someone else to take on this unique Cage, one of only seven cages left in the country, and none with the reputation of this one?

“Maybe someone interested in the paranormal? Or maybe someone wishing to invest and turn it into a lucrative holiday cottage for the ultimate paranormal experience?”

For more information, call Home Domus on 01206 916058.